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Last Updated on 08.08.2022

When you visit our website, some data is stored locally on your device through the web browser you are using (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). This locally stored data will help you to have a better user experience and the visit of our website to be more relevant to you. The most common type of local data storage are cookies that serve to identify the search behaviour of website users, in order to improve their overall experience on the site.

Using Cookies, Aksios Corp OÜ receives information about your device from which you access our website. using Cookies does not collect data about you as a user.

Cookies, What do they represent and what are they used for? uses tracking technology called Cookies. Cookies are used to provide better services and better user experience. Cookies are small encrypted/protected files. They are small text files stored in the user’s computer/mobile device. In order to perform uninterrupted and efficient websites’ functions, web browsers use cookies. The acceptance of the cookies and the agreement to use them is not obligational.

The cookies are not program codes which can be executed with other functions or by themselves, that’s why there is no danger for the user. Cookies are not viruses or any other software that could harm your device. If the user does not delete or restrict the usage of the cookies they will be deleted after a certain period of time, that might be from a few minutes to more than one year.

The Cookies do not collect information that identify the user and they are used only to improve the way our website works and to provide service to users for the purposes for which they visit and use

Types of Cookies

There are few types of cookies and the difference between them is the goal they are used for. Some cookies are set up by in order to improve the user experience and to deliver the services with better quality. Some cookies are set up by third parties and does not have any responsibility for them, doesn’t have insights and access to such types of cookies.

– Mandatory or strictly necessary cookies: uses cookies that are necessary for creating positive user experience and to deliver the service for which the user accessed the website. These types of cookies are used in order to provide the basic functionality of the website and the user to be able to use the website. Without the mandatory and necessary the website will not work appropriately. These types of cookies do not collect information that identify the user.

– Marketing Cookies: These types of cookies are used for relevant marketing campaigns and advertisements to be shown to the website users. Using marketing cookies the advertisements are shown in accordance with the user interests, from which the users have the benefit of it.

– Statistical cookies: These cookies are used to identify the way the website users are using the website. These cookies collect this type of information: number of visitors, number of visits, bounce rate (analytical rate that shows the percentage of visitors that have made only one visit to the website and immediately left the website without visiting an additional page) etc. These cookies enable to analyze the website usage in order to improve the quality and content of the offered services.

– Social media cookies: These cookies are set by Facebook or other social media networks so Facebook or the other social media network can show relevant ads after the user visits is only responsible for the cookies set by the website itself. is not accountable for the cookies set by third parties, collaborators, partners, social media sites etc. advises its users to read the privacy policy rules, as well as the cookie policy of their collaborators, partners and the relevant social media sites (third party cookies) for maximum safety. is not accountable for the cookies set by third parties. informs and receives agreement from its website users before activating the cookies, in accordance with the clause 19 of the Guidelines for Security of Personal Data Processing.

Purpose of deploying cookies

Cookies set by are not used for collecting personal information about the users, but they are used for collecting information about the search behaviour of the website users. Additionally, the cookies allow the website users to receive relevant information according to the content of their visited pages, by showing them promotional banners set on clients’ request.

Specific reasons why deploys cookies:

– Proper technical functionality of the website

– Saving anonymous information related to the user: IP address, device location, visited web pages on, number of visited pages, average time on site etc. with the goal of improving the services and functionalities offered by

– Displaying relevant banner ads according to visitor’s interest, on the request of clients. Displaying personalized ads according to a previously selected category or location.

– Displaying relevant content according to the previous activity of the website user.

– Collecting information about the users behaviour with the use of third party service – Google Analytics, in a way that doesn’t identify the personal characteristics of the user visiting

– Saving user’s website preferences like language, font size etc.

Cookies functions

The meaning and function of the cookies used by are solely for improving the users experience and enabling the proper functioning of certain services. doesn’t use cookies with the goal of identifying the end user, but with a goal to identify users’ behaviour on the website and their interests, in order to show them relevant content and functionalities that comply with users’ needs and interests. The information collected with the use of cookies is anonymous, and in no way identifies the end user. The use of random numbers is used to identify the unique visitors of the website.

How long are cookies stored on the computer

The length of time cookies are stored on the computer are dependent on a number of factors like the type of cookies and whether they are set by or other third parties. The functional and statistical cookies are stored in a period from 30 minutes to 2 years, and the cookies used for marketing purposes are stored in a period of 15 minutes to 1 year.

All of the cookies used by do not identify the end user and are solely used for providing the service which the end user has requested from and for which it has visited the website itself.

Managing and deleting the cookies

Every website visitor on or any other website has the possibility to manage, restrict or erase the cookies by defining specific settings on their web browser. Changing the way the web browser is using cookies, including erasing or blocking the cookies from the web pages of, can be done by changing the settings on the web browser, and that process is different depending on which type of browser you are using. To check how you can do that with a specific web browser click on the web browser you are using:

Useful links for disabling the cookies:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Other Information

Cookies policy is a part of the privacy policy. reserves the right to do any kind of changes on the privacy policy and/or the terms of using it in any time. Such an amandment comes into force with the publication of the website. Please read the basic rules of the website in order to be informed about the news on the website in time.

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